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Who is Rafe & Shiro's?

My name is Ilse, I’m an interior lover with a great passion for creating my own interior look. From wooden signs, flower decoration, everything that can make a home unique but with still that minimalistic look.


On the other side I'm a part-time cancer registrar and a dog mom to my 2 shiba’s: Rafe & Shiro.  My inspiration for my shop.

Shiba's are playful, one of a kind, you got to love them or not, they are stubborn. That's how my designs are too for wooden signs and flower decorations.


I do love to create things from my own point of view, if you give me blank card. But Customized options are also a possibility.


What are my designs like?

I'm not afraid to dress the cancer theme, as I come into contact with figures all the time.

Also Halloween is one of my favorite topics.  I'm a total Halloweenfreak. From Halloween wreaths, the diner parties, dressing up, the visits of the trick-or-treaters at my doorstep, dressing up my dogs. Yep, Halloween is definetely my favorite Holiday.


Other  fun facts about me:

  • I have a certificate in Interior Styling and I love shows like Fixxer upper, The Amanda’s, The Block Australia, Tiny Living, etc.
  • I really love fantasy films, series. Everything to start daydreaming about stories to write, or to just start creating new things.
  • Taught myself to draw, write stories, upcycling home stuff, wreath making, creating flower table centerpieces and now into wooden signs and svg-designer. Everything to make your house a true home.
  • Lost my mum of brain cancer at the age of 28.
  • I speak 2 mother languages: Dutch and English and I live in Belgium.


Want to know more? Just ask me.